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GOJUST’s Justice Zone Strategic Planning in Full Swing

GOJUST’s Justice Zone Strategic Planning in Full Swing

Coordination helps to improve efficiency in the administration of justice, addresses and resolves problems arising in the justice system and ensures that all agencies and institutions working in the administration of justice are working effectively together towards a common goal of delivering swift and fair justice.

This April to May 2022, the 7 Justice Zones will revisit their strategic planning with support from GOJUST, a programme funded by the European Union. ‘Justice Zones’, are areas where local justice sector actors such as judges, police, public attorneys and prison staff work together to identify common problems and generate common solutions to address them.

The strategic planning kicked off with a joint planning workshop with representatives from all Justice Zones held on 3-4 of March, which was opened by DILG Undersecretary Bernardo Florece and Department of Justice Undersecretary Jon Paolo Salvahan.

The March workshop reviewed and reflected on the strategic and organizational framework, as well as the communication and reporting mechanisms of the Justice Zones with the aim to harmonise them in preparation for the individual strategic planning sessions in April and May.

Below are the schedules for the individual Justice Zone Strategic Planning Sessions:

GOJUST’s Justice Zone Strategic Planning in Full Swing

The upcoming individual Justice Zone strategic planning sessions will identify and agree on activities that are relevant and necessary to achieve the outputs or results that have been identified as part of the outcomes framework.

There will also be a presentation on Gender Mainstreaming considerations. The presentation will focus on the main findings and recommendations as they relate to the Justice Zones from a Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) study that has been conducted by the GOJUST Programme.

These Strategic Planning Sessions are intended to ensure that the Justice Zones fulfill their role to support more responsive and accountable justice services in the country.


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