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What We Do

Justice Policy and Practice is Informed by Evidence

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GOJUST leverages data, research, and evidence to inform policy decisions that can help unlock the transformative power of innovation and facilitate strategies to build a more accessible and inclusive justice system.


For instance, GOJUST is conducting a first of its kind survey and qualitative study to examine in depth the justice needs of the Filipino public. The survey looks at the challenges Filipinos face in accessing justice in courts or informal institutions, like community-based remedies, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice services provided to them.  

GOJUST works to build the knowledge base and develop a data warehouse for the criminal justice system. Current studies and researches include: the Cost of Justice; the Use of AI in the Justice System; Diversity in the Judiciary; and Revision of the Rules of Court.


Analyzing gender through the lens of the justice system is particularly important for the project and a Study on Legal Feminism is currently in development.

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