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What We Do

Increasing Access to the Justice System for Vulnerable Groups 


Access to justice for all Filipinos is critical to ensure that even those who are remote, vulnerable and excluded, can still access justice services.  


We must not leave anyone behind.  


GOJUST works to increase access to justice for vulnerable groups including women, girls, LGBTI, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and other excluded groups. The project will launch a Grant Facility for civil society organisations and law schools to support rights awareness, paralegal training, policy advocacy and direct legal services for vulnerable groups. 

Our grantees will work with local government agencies through the Barangay Justice System and informal justice providers, such as tribal leaders and councils, in promoting access to justice. The grants mechanism will also support law schools as they move to comply with the Clinical Legal Education Program of the Supreme Court in 2023. 


The Grant Facility supports Sustainable Development Goal 16 which includes “the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.”

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